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10 Best Food Delivery Apps in USA

Food delivery apps are one of the best things that have happened in recent times. You can now order from your favorite restaurant without having to leave your house and also get it delivered to your doorstep. It has become very easy to order online, thanks to these apps which have simplified the ordering process for you.

List Of Top/Best Food Delivery Apps in USA

  1. DoorDash
  2. GrubHub
  3. UberEATS
  4. Postmates
  5. Seamless
  6. ChowNow
  7. Eat24
  8. Pizza Hut – Delivery & Takeout
  9. Gopuff – Grocery Delivery
  10. HungryPanda


DoorDash is a food delivery service that allows users to order food from restaurants in their area. It has a wide range of restaurants that it works with, including McDonald’s, Starbucks and Chipotle.

DoorDash was founded by Stanford students Andy Fang and Tony Xu in 2013 as part of a class project. The company first launched in San Francisco before expanding to other cities such as Los Angeles and Chicago during its early years. In 2018 DoorDash raised $500 million from SoftBank at a valuation of $7 billion.


GrubHub is a food delivery app that allows you to order food from different restaurants and have it delivered to your door. Not only does GrubHub have its own selection of restaurants, but it also has a feature that allows you to order from restaurants that don’t have their own delivery service.

GrubHub offers great deals on certain days of the week or month. You can find these deals on their website or by downloading their app onto your phone (Android/iOS).


UberEATS is a food delivery service that offers food delivery in over 1,500 cities and towns across the United States. UberEATS allows users to order from their favorite restaurants and have it delivered straight to their door.

Users can select from a wide range of options including breakfast items, salads, sandwiches and pizza. They also have an extensive list of desserts available for delivery so you can treat yourself after dinner or lunch!

The best part about using this app? You don’t have to tip your driver because it’s included in the price!


Postmates stands out as a premier food delivery application within the United States. Renowned for its exceptional services, Postmates ensures cost-free delivery for all orders and boasts an extensive array of dining establishments and retail outlets, fostering a diverse and satisfying customer experience.

The inception of Postmates traces back to 2011, when Bastian Lehmann and Sam Street embarked on a visionary journey. Their innovative concept revolved around a simple yet transformative question: “What if we could facilitate deliveries from any location?” This ambitious idea has flourished into a thriving reality. Presently, Postmates operates across 100+ cities throughout the United States and Canada, encompassing iconic urban hubs like New York City (NYC), Los Angeles (LA), Chicago (CHI), and the San Francisco Bay Area (SFOB), among others. The global reach of Postmates extends to a user base exceeding 5 million individuals, collectively contributing to over 10 million orders worldwide.

Postmates excels in providing prompt, same-day delivery services, connecting patrons to their preferred eateries or retail stores. Whether you crave the flavors of Chipotle Mexican Grill, the delectable offerings of Dunkin Donuts, the classic indulgence of Five Guys Burgers & Fries, or the renowned selections of Starbucks Coffee Company, Postmates ensures swift access to your desires. This streamlined process empowers you to effortlessly place orders from the comfort of your home, eliminating the need to venture outside.

In essence, Postmates has carved a distinctive niche as an unrivaled food delivery app within the United States. Its commitment to seamless delivery, diverse choices, and a widespread presence underscores its pivotal role in revolutionizing the way people experience culinary and retail delights.


Seamless is a great food delivery app that allows you to search for restaurants and order food at the click of a button. It’s fast and easy, with free delivery available in many areas. You can also order on your phone or computer with just a few clicks!


ChowNow is a food delivery app that lets you order food from your favorite restaurants, including Pizza Hut, Papa John’s and Domino’s.

ChowNow has over 10 million downloads and works with more than 1 million restaurants across the country. The app allows you to order food online or through its mobile site by searching for nearby restaurants that deliver to your area. You can also filter results based on cuisine type (Thai, Italian), price range ($10-$20) or distance away from where you are located. Once you’ve found what looks good and placed your order with one click, it will be delivered right to your door within 30 minutes!


Eat24 is a popular food delivery app in the US. It’s an online food ordering and delivery service that allows users to order from over 45,000 restaurants across the country.

Eat24 offers discounted delivery rates on all orders, as well as additional perks for members who pay for an annual subscription fee of $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year (the latter being slightly cheaper). The company was acquired by GrubHub in 2014; since then, it has become one of the largest food delivery platforms in America with over 45 million visits each month on average

Pizza Hut – Delivery & Takeout

Pizza Hut, a prominent American pizza franchise, specializes in convenient online ordering, carryout, and efficient delivery services. Established in 1958 by the visionary Carney brothers, Dan and Frank, under the iconic name “Pizza Hut,” the brand has evolved into a global phenomenon. Boasting an extensive presence, Pizza Hut has expanded its footprint to encompass a network of over 16,000 restaurants across the world. Notably, Pizza Hut currently operates under the ownership of Yum! Brands Inc., a parent company that also holds sway over renowned names such as KFC and Taco Bell.

The diverse menu at Pizza Hut showcases an array of delectable pizza offerings, including favorites like Supreme Pan Cheese, Chicken Bacon Ranch, Meat Lovers, Veggie Lover’s, and the indulgent Hawaiian BBQ Chicken with extra cheese. For those seeking a burst of flavors, the Pepperoni Trio with Bacon & Sausage or the Veggi Delight adorned with Mushrooms & Green Peppers beckon. To conclude the culinary experience on a sweet note, Pizza Hut presents tempting dessert options like Cheesecake Sticks, accompanied by a luscious Chocolate Dipping Sauce.

Through its rich history and delectable menu, Pizza Hut remains an emblem of quality and convenience, delighting taste buds and satisfying cravings with every bite.

Gopuff – Grocery Delivery

Gopuff is a grocery delivery app that allows you to order groceries from your favorite stores. It’s available in many cities across the USA and offers same-day delivery (if you’re lucky).


HungryPanda is a food delivery app that allows you to order from your favorite restaurants. With HungryPanda, you can order food online or through the app and get it delivered right at your door. You can also customize your orders with special requests like special sauces or extra cheese. You can even track the progress of your order in real time as it heads towards its destination!

Food delivery App Usage Statistics

Food delivery apps have witnessed remarkable growth, particularly driven by platform-to-consumer services such as DoorDash and Uber Eats. This expansion has transformed the food delivery landscape from traditional takeout to a diverse range of offerings, contributing billions in potential revenue.

The integration of more delivery riders and advanced route optimization technologies has facilitated faster and cost-effective deliveries, creating a competitive edge for delivery operators. Despite thin profit margins, these companies engage in aggressive market share battles, often employing strategies to undercut rivals.

The COVID-19 pandemic acted as a catalyst, propelling the industry several years forward as lockdown measures prompted a surge in online food orders. Notably, major players like Uber Eats, Deliveroo, and DoorDash reported a substantial increase in orders during the initial lockdown periods.

However, while the demand surge has tapered since 2020, key players like Deliveroo, DoorDash, and Uber continue to report higher revenue and gross bookings in 2021 compared to the previous year. To compete with emerging rapid grocery delivery services like Getir and Gorillas, several platforms swiftly introduced their own grocery delivery options.

Market dynamics have shifted as well, with a transition from prioritizing growth to pursuing profitability. Despite the industry’s rapid expansion, many food delivery apps remain unprofitable even in the face of the pandemic-induced demand.

Key usage statistics and insights from the food delivery app market include:

Market Leaders

China boasts the largest food delivery market, with a 2022 market size of $42.5 billion, dominated by Meituan and, which control about 90% of the country’s food delivery.

Global Growth

The food delivery app industry is anticipated to reach a substantial market size of $165 billion by 2029, showcasing impressive growth projections.

Popular Apps

Uber Eats takes the lead as the most popular global food delivery app, while Delivery Hero accumulates the highest collective users among its subsidiary brands.

Regional Dominance

In the United States, DoorDash secures over 50% of the food delivery app market share.

These insights encapsulate the flourishing food delivery app landscape, highlighting its significant role in modern consumer preferences and dining habits. As the industry continues to evolve, its impact on the broader food service and technology sectors remains substantial.

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What is a popular food delivery app in the US?

Food delivery apps are a popular choice for Americans, who love to order their favorite meals from the comfort of their homes. In fact, there are millions of people using food delivery apps every day!

Here are:
UberEats etc..

Who is the No 1 food delivery company in the USA?

UberEATS is the No 1 food delivery company in the USA. It’s an American subsidiary of Uber and was launched in 2016 to deliver food from restaurants to customers. It operates in over 200 cities across the country, with plans to expand further.

DoorDash is another popular app that allows you to order food from local restaurants via your smartphone or tablet device. It has been around since 2013, but only recently gained popularity among users due to its excellent customer service and fast deliveries (within 30 minutes).

GrubHub ranks third on our list because it offers great deals on special occasions such as Thanksgiving Day/Weekend and Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales events which help save money if you’re looking for some good deals on meals this holiday season! 

What is the most used food delivery app in the USA?

The most popular food delivery apps in the United States are DoorDash, GrubHub and UberEATS. These three services offer thousands of restaurants and meals to choose from. You can order your favorite pizza or burger right to your door!


The food delivery industry is growing rapidly in the US, with many companies offering their services to customers. The popularity of these apps is also increasing due to their convenience and ease of use. People can order food from anywhere at any time, which makes them perfect for busy lifestyles. However, there are several factors that should be taken into account when choosing a provider such as price and service quality.

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