Food Delivery Apps In Sri Lanka

10 Best Food Delivery Apps in Sri Lanka

Food delivery apps in Sri Lanka have been one of the most popular trends these days. Although there are many food delivery apps that are available for customers, some of them are better than others.

You will find that some of these food delivery services deliver meals faster than others which makes it a great place to order from if you’re in a hurry. We have found 10 best food delivery apps in Sri Lanka that will help you get your favorite meal delivered right at your doorstep!

Top/Best Food Delivery Apps in Sri Lanka

McDelivery Sri Lanka

mcdelivery sri lanka

McDelivery is a fast food restaurant based in Sri Lanka. It was founded in 2018 by McDelivery Sri Lanka PLC, which is a subsidiary of McDonald’s Corporation.

The company has a fleet of more than 100 delivery vehicles that can reach anywhere within Colombo city limits within 30 minutes or less, depending on traffic conditions and the distance from your location to the nearest McDelivery outlet.

PickMe (Sri Lanka)

PickMe (Sri Lanka)

PickMe is a food delivery app that offers a wide range of food options, including Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Western cuisine. Ordering is quick and easy with this app as users can choose from their favorite dishes in just a few taps on their phones.

The user-friendly interface allows you to browse through all the available cuisines while also providing information about each restaurant’s location and contact details so that you don’t have any problems ordering your meal when it arrives at your doorstep!

Domino’s Pizza Sri Lanka

Domino's Pizza Sri Lanka

Domino’s Pizza Sri Lanka is a fast food chain that delivers pizza, pasta, wings and sides. They have over 120 stores in Sri Lanka.

The company was founded in 2001 by Domino’s Pizza Inc., an American multinational corporation headquartered in Ann Arbor Michigan USA with its main operations being delivered from its headquarters through franchises worldwide.

Savari Food

Savari Food

Savari Food is the fastest-growing food delivery app in Sri Lanka. Savari Food offers food delivery in Colombo, Kandy, and Negombo. Savari Food has a wide range of cuisines including Chinese, Indian, Italian and American.

Savari Food also provides customers with a quick ordering process through their website or mobile app. You can order your favorite dish by simply selecting your location and then choosing from our extensive menu which includes items like pizza & pasta or burgers & fries etc., after which you will receive an estimated time frame for when your order will arrive at your doorstep!

EATTS Food Delivery

EATTS Food Delivery

EATT is a food delivery app in Sri Lanka. It offers a wide range of food items and offers a special deal every day so that you can enjoy your favorite meals at a discounted price.

The app also has free home delivery services, so you don’t have to worry about going out for this purpose!

Chinese Dragon Cafe Sri Lanka

If you’re looking for something different and delicious, Chinese Dragon Cafe is a great option. They offer delivery within 30 minutes, with delivery available in Colombo as well as all over Sri Lanka.

If you’re not sure what time is best for your order, they also have an option that allows you to choose between morning (7:30am – 10:30am), day (11:00am – 5:00pm) or night (6:00pm – 11:00pm). You can even request that your food arrives at any point during this period!

Kapruka – Sri Lanka’s Largest

Kapruka - Sri Lanka's Largest

Kapruka is the largest supermarket chain in Sri Lanka and they have more than 100 stores across the country. They offer a wide range of products, including groceries, home essentials, cosmetics and food products.

If you want to get your hands on some fresh produce from your favorite supermarket but don’t feel like going out to shop for it yourself, Kapruka offers home delivery as well!

Pizza Hut Sri Lanka

Pizza Hut Sri Lanka is a fast food restaurant chain in Sri Lanka. It was founded in 1997 and has over 60 restaurants in Sri Lanka.

The company is a franchise of Pizza Hut International, which operates as Yum! Brands Incorporated when merged with KFC Corporation and Taco Bell Corporation to form one company.

KFC Sri Lanka

KFC Sri Lanka

KFC Sri Lanka is a fast food restaurant chain that serves fried chicken and is headquartered in Colombo, Sri Lanka. KFC was founded in 2000 and has over 100 outlets across the country.

KFC offers a variety of menu items including chicken wings, nuggets, sandwiches, salads, and desserts. Its signature menu item is fried chicken pieces coated with batter and then deep-fried until golden brown.


EAT Me is a food delivery app that delivers food from restaurants in Sri Lanka. It has over 1,000 restaurants in Sri Lanka and is one of the cheapest apps on our list at just $1 per delivery.

The best part about EAT Me is that they offer free deliveries on orders over Rs 2,500! The app also has an extensive menu with pictures of each dish so you know what you’re getting before ordering it.


We hope you found this list of the best food delivery apps in Sri Lanka useful. If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments please leave them below.

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